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Skin Tag Removal Cream Painless Warts Remover Papillomas Flat Warts Genitals Face Skin Labels Mole Treatments Beauty Health Care

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  • Description

    Skin Tag Removal Cream Herbal Treatment Papillomas Removing Skin Labels Ointment Flat Warts Genitals Painless Beauty Body Care

    Brand: HBESTY
    Specification: 10g
    Shelf life: 3 years
    Storage: cool and dry place
    1. 【Natural】 Natural plant extract, mild and non-irritating, no scarring
    2.【Easy to use】Smear it where you need to use it, wait for absorption, and it will be effective if you keep using it
    3. 【Upgrade formula】 Upgrade formula, efficient wart removal
    4.【Multi-purpose】Can be used on the neck. Face, ears, etc.
    5.【Easy to carry】Small appearance, easy to carry

    ★How to use:
    1. Clean the affected area
    2. Take out a small amount of ointment and apply it on the wart and around it, press and massage it on the wart for a few minutes until it is absorbed
    3. Every morning and evening, until the wart scabs and falls off
    4. After the wart falls off, continue to use it until the skin color is normal

    Applicable to:
    flat wart, filamentous wart, pointed wart, common wart, plantar wart, plantar wart, memory, etc

    Package Included:
    1 * wart removing cream

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