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SIRUI Mobile Lens External high-definition SLR mirror set universal cellphone lens Macro portrait lens wide-angle fisheye lens

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    SIRUI WPFM-K mobile phone lens external high-definition SLR All-in-1 suit


    1. Designed with high impact resistant shell and interior to securely carry 4 lenses

    2. Convenient latch to keep your lenses secure.

    3. Attached SIRUI blue metal carabiner to secure your case to your belt or bag.
    4. Anti-static EVA interior to keep your lenses dust free.

    5. Perfect accessory to carry and protect your SIRUI Mobile Phone Lenses.


    18mm wide-angle lens:
    SIRU 18mm Wide Angle Lens for External Camera brings you a wider picture
    At the same time, it also controls the distortion of the screen edge to a greater extent.

    Article number: 18-WA
    Visual angle: 95° diagonally
    Focal length: equivalent full-frame 18mm
    Lens structure: 6 / 6 groups
    Optical distortion: <2%



    60mm portrait lens:
    Portrait photography master choice
    The optical blur of the 60mm portrait lens is more natural and soft, and at the same time
    To a large extent, the original quality of the mobile phone has been maintained. Remember that “virtualization” is not “liquefaction”

    Model Number: 60-SA
    Visual angle: 40° diagonal
    Focal length: equivalent full frame 60mm
    Lens structure: 6 / 4 groups
    Optical distortion: <1.2%


    FE Fisheye Lens:
    Discover a different world
    Near and far can shoot, special perspectives, distortion effects,
    Make shooting more interesting and fun.

    Model Number: FE
    Visual angle: Diagonal 170°
    Lens structure: 5 pieces/4 sets
    Optical distortion: 75%


    10X macro lens:
    Discover the microcosm
    Sina sharp macro lens zooming distance, to make up for the phone camera can not shoot macro defects. 

    10X optical zoom can clearly enlarge the object, showing more exciting details, shocking the visual.

    Model Number: MC-02
    Visual angle: about 75°
    Magnification: 10X
    Lens structure: 3/2 groups
    Optical distortion: <1%













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