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Portable Electric Micro 2 in 1 USB Ozone Plasma Pen Fibroblast Eye Lift Skin Rejuvenation Face Beauty Equipment

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    Working principle:

    A high frequency voltage is generated,and oxygen in the air is electrolyzed to generate ozone.Ozone acts on bacteria.The cell membrane,which damages the constituent components of the membrane and destroys the lipoprotein and lipopolyaccharide in the membrane.Change the permeability of cells,causing cell lysis to die,thus killing in a very short time,bacterial fungi and aphids,and inhibit inflammation ,acne effect is obvious.More importantly ,stinky after oxygen strilization ,it’s reduced to oxygen without any residuce and secondary pollution .This is any chemical preparation can’t reach it. Please point pen in the process of electrolyzing oxygen to produce ozone RAW plasma acts on the skin at the same time.Strengthens the acne effect and stimulates the subcutaneous collagen.Continue regeneration ,so it has the effect of rejuvenating skin and reparing acne marks.

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