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Permanant Hair Growth Removal Inhibitor Spray Beard Bikini Intimate Legs Body Armpit Painless Facial Stop Hair

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    This is a hair inhibitor, not a hair removal cream


    INGREDIENES: Witch hazel. Rudbeckia. Lavender. Hyaluronic acid.aloe extract. menthol. allantoin.Edta-disodium.


    Formulated with natural herb and plant extracts to nourish and calm the skin after hair removal and starve the root of the hair of nutrients, inhibiting its growth Specifically designed to discourage unwanted hair from growing back. The Hair Inhibitor Spray is a long term solution to hair removal, it saturates the hair follicle, starving the hair of the nutrients it needs.

    The Hair Inhibitor Spray has been scientifically developed to get into the pores of the skin and saturate the hair bulb. The liquid starves the hair at the root and prevents hair cells from germinating to slow down regrowth. Specially formulated to be mild on the skin, Hair No More inhibitor Spray soothes the skin after hair removal.
    Suitable for use between all types of hair removal treatments to prevent regrowth. If hair does grow back it is finer, sparser andhter.


    Patch test a smali amount of The Hair Inhibitor Spray on the area to be treated and wait 24 hours. If no irritation occurs commence with full application. For best results a generous amount of Hair Inhibitor Spray should be sprayed onto areas that have had hair removed.
    Spray a fine mist of Hair Inhibitor Spray onto the treated area.
    Delicately massage onto the skin until completely absorbed.
    Ensure that the spray has been completely absorbed before applying other products to the same skin area.
    Use daily for the first week and then twice a week thereafter to maintain the retarding action on hair regrowth.
    Use more frequently if hair is very thick and dark. With regular use, hair growth should be less visible within a few weeks.



    Store in cool dry place way fromsunlight
    Keep out of reach of children

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