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GIGA Lounger GS1 One-Key Automatic Inflatable Lounger Portable Thick Rechargeable Outdoor Camping Beach Air Bed Sofa Mat

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    Check out the video review to fully feel the product!

    (Video in Korean by 펀샵, video original link is here)

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    The traditional air bed either requires an additional air pump to inflate, or requires a lot of room and effort to run up. Moreover, it takes up storage space and is difficult to carry. Therefore, our team has summarized all the above-mentioned problems and developed the GIGA Lounger, an automatic inflatable air lounger with integrated electric air pump, which allow you  to enjoy comfort with just one touch!

    Do you want to go hiking, to the picnic or climbing to the mountains and relax there with your family and friends? When traveling outdoors, a mattress for rest is essential. At that time, you will really need a one-key automatic inflatable lounge bed that is very lightweight and super easy to carry and to maneuver and will bring in your life more comfort throughout all four seasons in the year.

    Exclusive and innovative design with an integrated AirVorTech electric air pump, which can automatically inflate the air lounger with a simple touch. Very easy to operate by yourself, even kids can handle. It is easier to inflate than traditional air bed, takes only 100 s. Relax and enjoy whenever you want!

    After being inflated, the GIGA Lounger thickness of 50 cm will eliminate the possible discomfort caused by uneven ground, making more cozy and warmer to sit and lie as if sleeping on a soft cloud. Isolating humidity and cold of the ground brings more comfort to you takes care of your health at the same time. Protecting your every sleep with novel technology.

    The GIGA Lounger can be transformed to a backpack easily weighing only 1 kg, and the weight and storage size are only half or even one-third of the traditional air bed. You can carry it with you everywhere and have your own relax zone no matter where you are!

    The ergonomic curve design and the curved support design of the legs can promote blood circulation in all parts of the body and support the body evenly and comfortably. Relax the curves of your spine with full protection. Feel free to lay fully stretched out with this spacious air lounger.

    With the one-piece design, the maximum load-bearing capacity of GIGA Launger is 150kg . With lumbar support as the center, the bearing capacity of the inflatable bed has been greatly improved. High-speed rebound is stable and does not collapse, softness of bed can be adjusted freely without restriction.

    It can be used anytime, anywhere. Multi-purpose bed will bring you comfort no matter you want to lie down or just sit, and it in every frame looks beautiful and appropriate. Even at the workplace, be nice to yourself!

    Through Micro USB input port the electric pump of GIGA Lounger can be charged by simple power bank or even by car. The electric pump consists an internal battery with capacity of 2600mAh and Type A USB output port, what makes possible to use it as a power bank for power emergencies. It’s readily available, allows you to charge your devices while lying down. No need to worry about low phone battery even while playing mobile games – wonderful life is always on!

    Innovative use of high-quality thick nylon-TPU fabric makes the inflatable bed untearable. 2-3 persons can sit or lie at the same time safely and will not break it. Freely use GIGA Lounger on any ground you need, such as grass, sand, rocks, snow, etc.

    It is made by hot-pressing and high-frequency welding of new environmentally friendly polymer TPU material. Treating the surface with high heat resistant film, high sealing degree and zero porosity improve air pressure durability and exclude air leakage or deformation when lying on the lounger for a long time.

    Two colors to choose:

    Navy blue and Ginger brown

    Instruction how to fold and storage:

    1.Open the air outlet

    2. Expel the air

    3. Flatten and fold

    4. Reduce the volume

    5. Put it into the storage bag

    6. Pull the drawstrings

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