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DIY Humanoid Secondary Development Compatible with Programming Robot Kit Kids Educational High-Tech Toys

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    DIY Humanoid Secondary Development Compatible with Programming Robot Kit Kids Educational High-Tech Toys


    H3P is a secondary development kit for humanoid robots created for education. It can not only perform basic walking, dancing, etc., but also complete dozens of intelligences such as tracking walking, color recognition, shaking obstacle avoidance, and self-balancing. Creative gameplay.
    In the secondary development kit, the sensor and expansion board have a unified package and interface, and are compatible with Arduino programming, which is convenient for users to use and experience.
    In order to facilitate more people to learn, we have developed a lot of gameplay tutorials and live video tutorials for users.
    Product parameters
    Battery: 7.4V ultra-large capacity lithium battery
    Life time: 90 minutes of sustainable operation
    Head: 1 DOF (degree of freedom)
    Shoulder: 2 DOF
    Arm : 2 DOF (each arm)
    Legs: 4 DOF (each leg)
    Foot: 1 DOF (each foot)
    Hardware part: 24-channel high-end servo controller for humanoid robot
    PC software: graphical interface software
    Steering gear parameters: LDX-218 digital steering gear and LDX-227 digital steering gear, all metal gears, weight: 60g, size: 40*20*40.5mm, stall torque: 15kg/cm 6V; 17kg/cm 7.4V
    Product list

    H3P humanoid robot (body)*1

    Nano and Nano expansion board*1

    USB cable*1


    4PIN line*7


    Side panel*2

    Photosensitive sensor*1

    Ultrasound module*1

    Acceleration sensor*1

    Tracking sensor*2

    Infrared remote control*1

    Sound sensor*1

    Humanoid robot-specific learning materials*1

    Main features:
    • Provide detailed information such as software and software manuals and play video
    • Includes 14 ways to play, including a new gameplay with self-balancing gesture adjustment
    • Product package box official authentic sensor, unified style, unified interface, unified hole position
    • Strong combination of steering gear control board and robot secondary development controller
    • Easy to replace with high precision with plug-in digital servo
    • The anti-blocking steering gear is used, and the built-in blocking protection algorithm ensures that the steering gear will not burn out due to jamming or collision, which greatly extends the service life of the steering gear.
    • Has a wealth of sensors
    • Robot life time increased by 100% to 90 minutes
    • The use of a hard aluminum alloy structure reduces the weight of the body, which greatly enhances the flexibility and strength of the robot.
    • Develop the interface of the expansion board interface and the sensor to make the wiring simple and convenient
    • Equipped with non-slip mats for a more stable gait and greatly reduced wear

    Product photos

    This product does not include the battery.


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    • This is a humanoid robot designed to learn programming, compatible with the Arduino programming environment, not a toy.
    • We offer a lot of development tutorials, including 14 kinds of smart gameplay for robots.
    • The kit is fully equipped with all the sensors and accessories to be used
    • The difference between the parts and the finished product is whether the main body of the robot is installed or not, and the accessories are the same.
    • This product does not include batteries.

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