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Cartoon Pattern Baby Play Mat for Newborns Soft Velvet Fabric Game Blanket with Music Educational Carpet Toy Activity Gym

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  • Description

    Product characteristics:
    1, training the baby hands-on ability,intelligence development.
    2, with the growth of the baby, you can remove the support, become a comfortable baby activity pad.
    Main features: soft and comfortable fabrics, bright colors, hanging parts on the bracket have ringing bells, it is essential to exercise the baby’s tactile hearing and vision.



    During the first few months of life, babies do not know anything, nor do they have much mobility; they need to rely on sound, vision and touch to explore everything. Babies at this stage are easily attracted by their surroundings. In order to effectively enhance their sensory development, a series of colorful and vocal toys should be selected and placed around the babies.

    the advantage of the game mat is that the baby sits on the ground without fear of cold buttocks. On Family Day, parents take their babies to the park. Take a cushion and put it on the grass. Is it good for the baby to sit on the big brightly colored cushion and take a picture of his mother? It’s convenient and beautiful to take with you when you go out. If the baby is tired and asleep, it can also be used as a quilt cover!



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