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3pcs Peat Pellets Seed Nutrient Soil Pallet Seedling Soil Block for Transplanting Planting Rapid Expansion Garden Supplies

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    Peat moss as raw materials, environmental protection, can be fully degraded;
    Unique network design, to facilitate the transport of seedlings, transplanting, not bulk Tuo.
    Convenient transplanting, planting and other operations to improve efficiency, transplanting success rate.
    High-quality, standard, stable and professional training medium.
    Rapid expansion, no need to wait for a long time.

     Used around the world as an organic alternative to Grodan Cuttings Seed Cubes. Made entirely from compressed peat, simply add water to these compressed plugs and watch them swell up ready for your cuttings or seedlings. Providing enough nutrients to get your young plants going,  Are a fantastic rooting medium that prove extremely easy to use.


    1. Place the nursery pad in a small, water-filled container
    2. Pour into water without nursery block
    3. With nursery blocks continue to grow, replenish moisture in time, the entire expansion process takes about 3-5 minutes
    4. In the nursery block above the middle of embedded seeds, the seeds completely into the matrix can be, into the depth according to the size of the seed diameter, the general depth of 2 times the seed diameter. Very small seeds, such as petunias, can be placed directly on the surface and sprayed again with a sprayer after sowing.

    5. Can be used with nursery boxes, plug tray and other use; or even directly to a few nursery blocks on a large pot can be directly inside the nursery.

    Our product is thickened and enlarged, large enough nutrient soil, different from other merchants’ cheap products.







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