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0.01mm Ultra Fine Eyebrows Pencil Waterproof Sweat-proof Liquid Eyebrow Pen Long Lasting Professional Makeup Eye Cosmetics

From R168.60
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  • Description

    Product category: Liquid Eyebrow Pencil
    Features: Smooth brushstrokes, clear roots, to create a three-dimensional vivid wild eyebrow
    Ingredients: glycerin, styrene/acrylic (lipid) copolymer, acrylic (lipid) copolymer, butylene glycol, etc
    Application: Use the tip of the pen to gently trace the fill in the direction of hair growth
    Note: It is recommended to finish the base makeup first, and then use the eyebrow pencil to keep the eyebrows dry, otherwise the nib is easy to touch the final makeup and let the brush block and affect the makeup
    Date of manufacture: Most recent
    Shelf life: 3 years
    Quantity: 1Pc or 2Pcs or 3Pcs

    Versatile, can draw eyebrows, eyeliner, silkworms, lower eyelashes, etc
    Choose from four colors, and choose the right eyebrow pencil color according to your hair color
    Eyebrow makeup is naturally rooted, smooth and smooth, like a native
    Liquid soft brush, lock color for a long time is not easy to blend, for a long time to maintain the natural eyebrow color
    Super waterproof and sweatproof, long-lasting color rendering, rain swimming without fading
    Soft brush tip, even water lines

    Package contains: 1Pc* eyebrow pencil or 2Pcs* eyebrow pencil or 3Pcs* eyebrow pencil

    01. The liquid eyebrow pencil has cracked lines on the hand, and the color powder on the flush surface fades, which is a normal phenomenon, not a quality problem.

    02. The material system of liquid eyebrow pencil is different from that of eyeliner. The main raw material is toner. The toner will disperse when it encounters water. After the surface fades, the background color remains. Such eyebrows are the most natural and plush. the strongest.

    03. Before using the liquid eyebrow pencil, it is recommended to wipe the eyebrows with a tissue to wipe off the excess oil, keep the eyebrows dry, and it will be easier to color

    04. The tip of the pen draws multiple times (with base makeup eyebrows) The tip of the pen will be stained with the base makeup to some extent. It is recommended to clean it slightly on the tissue or the skin on the back of the hand, which is convenient for the next use.

    05. The eyebrow pencil is not watery, because the eyebrow pencil uses a quick-drying formula, and it will dry naturally after a long time of opening.
    So please wear the cap in time when not in use

    06. After daily use, it is recommended to store the pen head vertically (the water in the pen holder flows naturally on the pen head), which will prolong the service life of the eyebrow pencil.

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